About Símenntun á Vesturlandi

Símenntun á Vesturlandi is a lifelong Learning Center and a non-profit organization that operates according to the Surplus Education Act No. 27/2010 and is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide continuous education.

The aim of Símenntun is to promote and strengthen Icelandic business life and society through continuous and lifelong education that considers the needs of business life and individuals. In this regard, the organization must pay particular attention to the needs of the residents of west Iceland.

Símenntun offers for example Icelandic as a second language courses for immigrants, from beginners’ levels to advanced. The courses are taught all over the region, and some courses online. We also offer vocational Icelandic for companies where the focus is on specialized vocabulary and utterances

If you are interested in joining a Icelandic class you can pre-register and we will let you know when we start a class near you!

For more information contact Símenntun á Vesturlandi: simenntun@simenntun.is

Educational and career counselling is also offered at Símenntun to people of foreign origin, and we have specialized in multicultural counselling.

Educational and career counsellor: 

  • Provides information about education, employment and career development 
  • Assists in decision making about education/work selection
  • Helps overcoming learning barriers
  • Provides individual counselling or group guidance about education and employment
  • Provides counselling for personal matters 
  • Helps in skills mapping, cv making and job applications  
  • Supports and motivates lifelong learning 

Topics with clients are for example

  • Self-evaluation (inventory test, evaluation of skills, strengths and weaknesses, experiences and values)
  • Skills mapping and CV 
  • Study technique and organizing  
  • Goal setting 
  • Competence validation 
  • Dyslexic analysing 
  • Finding opportunities (education, scholarships, employment) 

For further information, please contact educational and career counsellor.  

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